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“What a privilege to be able to access online teaching from across the pond with Carrie. Carrie has such a gentle and cheerful manner. She is always kind, yet constructive, in giving her feedback — so that I never feel criticized but always have well explained elements to work on to improve my painting skills. She is extremely thorough in her preparation material and also very generous with her time and energy both during the class and afterwards. Carrie demonstrates both at the beginning of the class and students “paint alongside her” throughout the workshop. She is also always happy to demonstrate during the class to cover any specific query. I love attending Carrie’s classes. She works in a technique that brings incredible results and generously explains her method so that I have grown in confidence and ability. Thank you Carrie.”


— Susan, England


“I am a student of Carrie’s on-line workshops in Botanical Illustration. Her format for teaching is uniquely designed with the student in mind. I especially like her class preparation, and interactions with me before the class begins. Workshop demonstrations, and painting techniques takes the student from beginning to end in a logical sequence of how to achieve a beautiful painting. Carrie has created a friendly environment — she paints along with us, always available to coach, and support. These are the reasons that I come back for more classes. It’s exciting to learn and paint with Carrie, and come away with new knowledge and skills.”


— Deborah, Massachusetts


“I took Carrie’s online classes across various mediums. Her classes are well structured and I say this in confidence after attending many classes virtually. I appreciate the blended learning materials of presentation, videos and class demos. Carrie is a wonderful teacher, and her feedback given to me during class helped me progress much in my learning. I grew from someone, who was terribly fearful of using watercolor, to one who is now able to complete small watercolor paintings, all thanks for Carrie’s classes.”


— Shiwan, Singapore


“Carrie Di Costanzo is not only an exquisite master of the dry brush technique, which she applies and teaches with equal excellence in water color, egg tempera, and gouache, and each of which she teaches as beautiful and marvelous processes. The variety of dry brush strokes and stippling she teaches is like a masterclass, but the novice should not be afraid because they stand to gain a terrific introduction to a Bible of techniques from a kind, caring, and thorough teacher in a warm, encouraging atmosphere with excellent macro-view streaming online. Besides giving an outstanding introduction to the subject matter during class, Carrie will have sent a very logical and orderly outline and set of instructions for the class process, as well as a link to a very good video of the technique to which you will continue to have access ahead of time. She spends class-time demonstrating the techniques, as well as values, highlights, reflected light, scumbling, glazing, and other important concepts, with breaks to give each student equally handson, detailed, tailored guidance, always available to give answers to questions throughout, often with demonstrations illustrating by way of answer, all of which are educational to all of the class. Carrie is one of the two most excellent art teachers I have known, the other being Koo Schadler, high praise indeed. Anyone would benefit greatly from studying with Carrie.”


— Elizabeth Lea, Pennsylvania


“As a teacher, I know that clarity of communication, preparation, and constructive feedback are vital to a student’s success. Carrie’s online classes have fulfilled all these qualities, and more! I have taken many of her online classes, and my work has benefited tremendously from her feedback! Carrie is patient and supportive. She demonstrates her technique in a manner that is easily understood, and provides ample opportunity to ask questions. She makes herself available to every student throughout the class. Not every great artist is a great teacher….Carrie is both!”


— Robin, South Carolina


“I have taken many online botanical illustration courses from Carrie Di Costanzo. She teaches in several different media in a very well organized method, going step by step to create the final product. She gives plenty of feedback, and always finds positive things to say as well as gentle but clear and helpful critiques of one’s work in process. Carrie’s use of Zoom proceeds without a hitch, and she is knowledgeable enough to even help the students on the receiving end when they have glitches. Carrie’s own work is beautiful, and since she paints during the lessons, one can see how she proceeds in creating a very realistic example of the workshop’s subject. It has been delightful for me to have discovered such a wonderful teacher, and I always look forward to her next class!”


— Jody, Florida