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About The Artist




Discovering botanical art in 2008 opened the door to a new way of working with paint and paper. I focus on highly detailed representations of plant life, clearly defining the structure of the plant, while also conveying a strong sense of beauty and three-dimensional form. I am committed to sharpening the essential skills of strong observation, attention to detail, and a good painting technique. To that end, the use of small brushes helps depict the many different characteristics of the subject. Gouache and watercolor paint are perfect for painting the many details of a plant. The layering of watercolor creates a wonderful luminosity. Using gouache opaquely creates a rich matte finish to a painting. As well, the composition, a significant element, greatly enhances each piece. By placing certain components of the plant on the page in a way that creates movement, the allure and elegance of the subject is heightened. The plant is researched in order for me to understand all the important traits that make it unique. Most plants are painted from life, but color studies, sketches, and photos are relied upon when the plant dies. I have concentrated on botanical subjects that appeal to my love of certain textures. The process of portraying the beauty of plants is very satisfying and I will continue to pursue their likeness for many years to come.